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UA BAS Cyber Operations Degree

Defense and Forensics Track

Recommended Prerequisite Courses:

College Algebra
Networking Principles
Python Programming
Security Principles

Or completion of an AAS in Cybersecurity. See your advisor for more details.

Year Three

Fifth Semester  
Courses Units
BASV 314 Mathematics for Applied Sciences 3
CYBV 385 Introduction to Cyber Operations 3
BASV 326 Introductory Methods of Network Analysis 3
INFV 320 Computational Thinking & Doing 3
Tier II General Education 3
Total 15
Sixth Semester  
Courses Units
ENGV 308 Technical Writing 3
CYBV 388 Cyber Investigations & Forensics 3
CYBV 400 Active Cyber Defense 3
Tier II General Education 3
Total 12

Year Four

Seventh Semester  
Courses Units
BASV 329 Cyber Law, Ethics & Policy 3
CYBV 435 Cyber Threat Intelligence 3
CYBV 477 Advanced Cyber Forensics*
*Student can choose to focus by taking CYBV 436, 473, 477, or 481
Tier II General Education 3
Total 12
Eighth Semester  
Courses Units
CYBV 454 Malware Threats & Analysis 3
CYBV 480 Cyber Warfare 3
CYBV 498 Cyber Operations Senior Capstone 3
Tier II General Education 3
Total 12

Sample course sequences are provided for reference only and only include Cyber Operations coursework. Please contact your academic advisor to determine ALL degree completion requirements and all coursework necessary to meet University of Arizona graduation requirements.

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