"Cyber is a critical component of the 4th industrial revolution."

"We're in the right place at the right time for preparing our students. We have a lot to offer the world. The impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution willl be felt in all human endeavors and at all levels of our lives: the global economy, businesses, our society, nations and communities, and the individual."

-UA President Robbins

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Cyber jobs are in high demand

Cybersecurity unemployment rate has been at 0% since 2016 -Cybersecurity Ventures


US employers are struggling to fill 700,000 cybersecurity related roles


Global shortage of 6 million cyber security professionals by 2025


Cybersecurity positions will make up 45% of all US tech job openings


Example cyber job titles

Job Title Salary Range
Cyber Incident Response Analyst $83,000 to $132,562
Cyber Threat Analyst $102,247 to $131,332
Chief Information Security Officer $172,023 to $294,198


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